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Friday, January 23, 2015

New Year and a New Blog

As you can probably tell, I have not been posting to this blog much in the past few months. That is partly because I felt lost with my blog. I enjoy doing reviews, but I felt that I was reading the same thing over and over and there wasn't much new out there. I was getting burned out.

So after some long deliberations I decided to turn this blog into something I enjoy more.

Don't fret, I will still be happily talking about books, just not only about new/unpublished book reviews. I will be talking more about movies, academia, fan culture, and all the other things that excite me. Almost everything will still be book related, but things will be more diverse and probably a bit more all over the place.

Another new addition you will see on here is a page keeping up with all of the books I read this year. It is a new years resolution of mine to read a piece of classic literature or nonfiction for every book I read for fun. I am hoping this will expand my knowledge and broaden my horizons.

I look forward to you enjoying the changes being implemented on this blog.