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Monday, September 29, 2014

Special Announcement At Misadventures

I've been sitting on a little piece of news since July. Many of you who have been following my blog knows how much I love the New Adult category, and even more, how much I support genres other than romance being represented.

Well those of you who enjoy New Adult may know of the website NA Alley and the shake ups that have been going on around there lately. I am happy to announce that I will be joining NA Alley as the representative of fantasy!

What does this mean? I will be posting on the NA Alley blog on subjects related to NA fantasy and the point of contact for anyone with questions about the genre. I am so excited to have the opportunity to really help get the word out about speculative New Adult fiction.

Now this does not mean I will be abandoning this blog. I will keep running this along side my work over at NA Alley. This will still be the place I post reviews and host reveals and interviews. I hope all of you are just as excited as me about the opportunities NA Alley brings to the authors and readers of New Adult fiction.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Five Things Not to Do to Your Blog Readers

Hey guys long time no see. Life has been a bit crazy, so I thought I would come back with a list of things a blogger should NOT do to their readers.

1.Disappear without warning
Even when real life gets crazy, just post a quick note to tell your readers. Don't just drop off the face of the earth.

2. Accidentally publish a blank post
Before you  officially drop off the face of the earth, make sure all of your posts are canceled or completed. Having a blank page is embarrassing and confusing to those who see it. 

3. Make lists with less bullet points than promised
Really I just wanted to find a silly way to apologize to everyone for disappearing and not giving an explanation. Over the summer I was working 12 hour days and had no time to do anything extra. Now that I am back to my normal schedule I am trying to get back into the swing of things and make things as normal as they ever are here.