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Monday, December 16, 2013

#WIPMarathon Intro

A few months ago I made a few new friends on Twitter that were all participating in a group effort to meet their personal work in progress goals. That round ended and now they are about to start a new one. This time I am participating, so this should be fun. I'm joining a little late, but better late than never!

Each participant is supposed to write an introduction blog post, so here is mine.

Marathon Goal:
My personal goal is two finish the first drafts two short stories I am working on. This will be a total of almost 30k words. This breaks down to a little less then 700 words a day. They are very different genres, but I am looking forward to both.

One story is a romance/coming-of-age tale about a young college freshman who loses her virginity in a one night stand and ends up pregnant. Her and the boy are trying their best to navigate this new terrain. The second story is a science fiction told from the point of view of a woman telling the story of the world being changed when she was a child by the advent of a new creature that was created to protect the human race.

Stage of writing:
I have a few pages of each story done so far. So, still very early stages with both.

What inspired my current project:
The romance was inspired by an #NAchat conversation a few months ago on Twitter about unplanned pregnacy stories in the New Adult category. The science fiction idea came after I saw a call for stories about mythologies in science fiction about a year ago. Obviously I never finished it for the call, but the story still intrigues me.

What might slow down my marathon goal:
I may be starting grad school in January, so if that happens it will be a huge time suck. Also, I write pretty slow, so it can take a long time for me to just get a couple hundred words down. I also get distracted pretty easily. So yeah, I will probably need help focusing on writing.

Best time of the day for writing:
I've always done my best writing at night. It's the time of day when I most have time to relax and that gives me the time to sit and write. I really enjoy doing sprints and they help me get words down faster, so if you are around at night and want to sprint, then let me know!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with your goals! They both sound interesting!
    I usually write early in the morning of late, but I'd let you know any night I change my mind!
    You can AND will do this!