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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tackle It Tuesday: Overwhelmed By Everything

Surised to see me on a Tuesday? I decided to start posting on Tuesdays with the Tackle it Tuesday meme, where I will post about things I have had to "tackle" in the past week. So of course it makes sense that I will start off this tradition with complaining about all of the things I had to complete this past weekend.

Some of you may know that I am in my senior year of college and trying to apply to grad programs for my Masters in Publishing. Well on Thursday I sent in my first application. I still have four more applications to fill out, but this is the second step towards my editing goal (my first step was getting an internship). This is nerve wracking for me. Anyone who has ever tried to get something they really wanted and was forced to play the waiting game knows what I mean.

While I am waiting for that, I have had to finish two editing tests, was rejected for a job, work on a short story I want to submit for a themed magazine issue, work on my novel, help put together a blog tour, homework, and two critiques for my writing group. Wow that's a lot right? I'm not even sure that is the completed list.

I am excited about my short story though. It is my first time trying to do a speculative and horror story so I am kind of pumped. This is also the first time I have had to write something on a deadline outside of school. I really love this story so far though, so I hope it's not my first literary rejection. Even if it is I would still shop it around.

With everything going on I have barely had time to work on Song in My Heart. I hate when I don't have time to work on my major projects because it makes me feel as if I will never finish it. I am the type who likes to see results fairly fast. Kind of surprising for someone who is looking into two careers that take time and patience: writing and editing. But in my defense when I edit I can see the edits I do and when I write I see the addition of words to the story.

Some kind of exciting news for me, though, is I signed up on NetGalley, thinking no one would send me galleys to review. Much to my surprise, so far I have seven requests for reviews and only two declines.  I really did not expect that to happen, but I am glad it did. That means in the coming weeks I will start doing book reviews here. I need a little time to catch up with work and read the books, so the first one probably won't come until mid- to late-March. The books I requested all sound really interesting and  I look forward to reading them. I haven't decided what day to post them on, but I will be sure to tell you before hand.

This post has started to ramble and has strayed from the original topic of how I have been super busy these past few days, so I'm going to just close it out now. See you Friday.

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