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Friday, March 8, 2013

Big Decisions

This has been such a hectic week for me, as you may have seen in my last posting. Through all of that I have been in deep discussion with my parents and sister (all of their opinions I trust implicitly) about my future. I came to the conclusion that while getting a Master's degree would be personally satisfying, it is not something I need right now and not something worth putting myself further in debt for. This means I now have the seemingly insurmountable task of finding a job. I would prefer getting a job in the specific area of publishing I am interested in (acquisitions editor) but right now any way to get my foot in the door would be amazing. Honestly this decision lifts a huge weight off of my shoulders and I feel happier than I have in a while.

It is still kind of scaryamazing that I am already 23, about to graduate, and searching for a job in my career field. I still feel too young to be doing all of this. I know no matter what age you consider "adulthood" I have probably been there for a few years but it is hard to consider yourself as an adult when youare still in school and living in your parent's house. The world out there is plenty scary, but I am doing my best to prepare myself for it. It helps that I have an amazing support system.

Another decision I have recently made, though not as big, is to go back to working on my YA fantasy book. I originally put it to the side because one of the first things I was told about publishing is most debut authors do not get picked up with a series. My YA is most definitely a series, but with each book having a smaller arc and the series having an over all arc. I was speaking to a few people in my writer's group on Wednesday about that and they convinced me so many debut authors are debuting with series. This gives me confidence enough to go back to working on Searching For Destiny, which is my favorite of all of my WIPs. Since Song in my Heart is my second favorite, you can rest assured that I will still be devoting time to that one. It will actually probably sill be my main project. I will tell you more about Searching For Destiny and the entire Sunburst series another time.

What do you think about debut authors and series versus standalone novels? Do you remember when you were first thrust into the "adult" world?


  1. I have to say go for the series, because I did! You will find publishers who positively don't want series, and others who positively do. I can see that with a debut writer a great first book might be a flash in the pan and some publishers don't want to take the risk. Many more though are prepared to bet that the quality will be sustained.Go for it!

    1. Yes I am very excited to get back to working on my series. The industry seems to be changing its opinion on series with debut authors, though more than likely my romance will be finished before my fantasy. I do have all five books of the series plotted out already.

  2. Nice post. And, only 23 years old - I'm not sure I can remember 23. And don't give up on your education. It doesn't guarantee a job but as you know, it will open more doors (after several years I'm still working on an Associates). Good luck with your writing and finding the job you want!

    (SS Hampton, Sr., Musa author)

    1. Oh I am not going to give up on my education. I am graduating from college in a few months and when I have the money and time I will go back for my Masters. Thank you for your well wishes and good luck on your Associates.