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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tackle It Tuesday: So Very Busy

My goodness. It feels like it has been forever since I last wrote a blog post. Thankfully for now I have a few days of freedom before "graduation" and the start of summer classes. Why haven't I been around lately? Well first I was out of town with not internet service, then out of country with no internet service, plus during all that up until yesterday, I've been dealing with end-of-the-semster issues like papers and finals. I was so busy I ended up not having the time to finish Camp Nano or the April blogging challenge, though there were some great people I met from other blogs.

I am looking forward to this week of freedom; I have great plans for it. There are a few books I want to finish reading, some reviews I need to write, and working on my novels. Not sure when I am going to get all this done. It's Tuesday and I'm busy all day today, then I have my major's recognition ceremony Friday and the school wide graduation Saturday. Between then I need to buy my books for this Maymester. Oh goodness.

But I can almost promise I won't disappear for so long again. I have a huge TBR list so there should be some reviews coming soonish. These classes for the summer are reading intensive, but it's not four reading intensive classes like I had this semester (the pains of being an English major).

Thanks for bearing with me you guys.

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  1. Glad to hear you get a bit of a break. Enjoy it!