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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fast Draft

So of my many ambitions for the summer (including my extensive reading list found here, my plans to start working on a comic with my friend, and working full time) I want to finally finish a manuscript. I know, I know. You guys have heard it all from me before. But I will make this time better. My goal is by the end of summer I will be either working on the second draft of an ms or starting on a second story. I want my first draft to be finish by the end of June, before I leave for vacation over the Fourth of July. This will give me time to let the novel sit before diving into revisions.

To help me on my way, I am hoping onto a Fast Draft with some buddies from the New Adult Authors United group I am in on Facebook. In the  fast draft group we all have different goals, but we will all be working on a two week deadline. Now this is a lot more challenging than my usual failed attempts at NaNoWriMo, but I think since I won't be doing school work simultaneously, it may work out better.

My goal is to write 20,000 words during these two weeks. That is an average of a little less than 1,500 words a day. Way more than I usually write. But I really want this to be a time I push myself beyond my limits, creating new limits to later push myself beyond. So you guys should all root for me. If I can meet my goal, I will tell you all a little about what this story is about. (Just a hint it is New Adult fantasy with almost no romance!)

I'm starting the Fast Draft on May 10th, so Wish me Luck!!!

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