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Friday, March 6, 2015

Organization for Transformative Works: Part Three Fanlore

Fanlore was launched in 2008 and left the beta stage in 2010. Since then, it has been running strong. With a current count of over 30,000 articles, it is understandable why Fanlore has become a go to place to find out almost anything you want to know about fandom.

The site prides itself on being a place fans can "read about fan activites, fannish vocabulary, and the histories of fan communities--and add your own voice, memories, and experiences to [their] collective story." Fanlore also offers a chatroom, news page, and social networking communities for users to connect with each other.

Because anyone can edit, Fanlore offers tutorials on proper editing. And if you are totally new to their wiki, there is a New Visitor Portal to explain how Fanlore works.

Like other projects the Organization for Transformative Works is involved with, Fanlore has an intuitive and easy to use search engine. As an example, I searched for the first fannish thing that popped in my head: I'll be in my bunk. Typing that into the search engine at the top right hand corner of the screen, a page devoted to the phrase came up. The page explained the phrase's meaning and origin, plus gave sources for the information. I can admit, I spent several minutes searching things in order to stump the site, to no avail. I actually ended up learning more about the things I thought I already understood.

Fanlore is the perfect place for a fan, or someone even remotely curious, to learn more about fandom history and the things surrounding fandom.

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