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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Organization for Transformative works: Part Four Transformative Works and Cultures

Today is the final installment on my series about Organzation for Transformative Works. I have had fun talking about a couple of their projects, and saved my favorite of them for last. My academic heart goes aflutter every time I think about Transformative Works and Cultures. Anyone in academics can tell you the pain of having to find articles and the perfect one is behind the barrier of subscribers only journals. Even more so, those interested in fandom culture or pop/media culture in an academic light, find peer reviewed work scarce. Transformative Works and Cultures decided they do not want to be like other journals and made their peer reviewed work available for free to anyone. All you have to do is visit their website.

TWC is a bi-annual journal, that accepts work on different aspects of fan culture, media studies, and related topics. They keep the costs down by making the journal only available online. Having it online also helps to make the information covered within the journal easily available to any who want to read it. Being Gold Open Access means that anyone who goes on to the site are allowed to read and print the work, sharing it with others.

Earlier this week the TWC came out with their March issue, a special edition on Performance and Performantivity. The issue covered topics like "self representation in literary fandom," Doctor Who themed weddings, and football fandom.

Even if you aren't into fandom academics, you should check out the journal just for the different views on various aspect of fandom. It is all very interesting and would intrigue anyone who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of fan culture.