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Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Drafts

Every author goes trough multiple drafts of anything they write. Personally I am doing a first draft that no one will see then a second draft that I will start sharing with my writing group. Based in their feedback, I will work on my third and fourth drafts.

The first draft is the hardest for me, because I want to get all of my ideas out at once an make everything perfect. I am trying to break myself out of the habit of constantly editing, but it is hard going. I think if I can keep up not editing I will be able to finish my first draft of my romance by June. By December I want to be on at least my third draft.

Are there any special processes or habits you have when you write your drafts?


  1. So far I write first draft by writing as much as possible, to get absolutely everything on paper in a chronological order. Then I fix the typos because they distract and annoy me - then I print the draft and start a-fixin'.

    I've done this for such a short time though that I don't have a clear routine yet. But it's developing!

    1. Honestly I haven't gone through my entire planned out process yet. This is the first manuscript I am close to finishing. The second draft is where I will fix typos and add in a lot of detail. If I don't wait till then, I will never get the first draft done.