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Monday, January 6, 2014

#WIPMarathon Check-In #5

My previous word count was 4,419. My current word count is 5,063. This week I have written 664 words.

WIP Issues This Week: The story hasn't had many issues so far. The plot is going pretty smoothly, lucky for me.

What I Learned This Week: If you write drunk, things can still come out pretty decently lol.

What Distracted Me This Week While Writng: The first half of the week I was hosting a friend at my house, then during the second half I was laid up with the flu. (Hence me posting this so late. I haven't had the stregnth to make it to a computer lately.)

Last 200 words:

By time Dr. Shaw came back into the room, she had the results of the urine test in her hand. "I just want to confirm what your urine says with an ultrasound before I give you a conclusive answer. Is that okay?"

Mackenzie nodded her acquiescence.  She laid back on the table and Dr. Shaw placed a paper blanket over her legs before lifting the hem of her gown. Mackenzie flinched at the cold gel the doctor squeezed on her stomach.

She turned her eyes up and tried to ignore the feeling of the doctor examining her. The poking and prodding around her midsection increased the queasiness in her stomach. Finally, the doctor pulled her instruments away and wiped the gel off.

"Get dressed then I'll be back to talk to you." Dr. Shaw didn't wait for a reply before walking out of the room. Panic started flashing through Mackenzie's mind. Wouldn't the doctor just tell her straight away if she wasn't pregnant? But, then again, she probably would have told her right then if she was pregnant too. Why was she making her wait?

She ended up having to wait several minutes until Dr. Shaw finally returned. Mackenzie kept looking at her watch noting each passing second with more and more anxiety.


  1. Your excerpt ended in a really nice place. And you're strong for getting work done inspite of everything.

    Here's to a flu-less week ahead! xx

  2. Sorry about the flu! I think it's great you made progress during a busy week. :) Hope you're feeling better!

    Nice cliff hanger in the excerpt. ^_^