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Sunday, January 12, 2014

#WIPMarathon Check-In #6

My previous word count was 5,063. My current word count is 5,808. This week I have written 745 words.

WIP Issue this week: I have finally let the MC know she is pregnant, now I am kind of stuck figuring out how to let the love interest know she is. I'm trying to space things out so it isn't one big thing right after another and have it feeling rushed.

What I Learned This Week: Sometimes a girl needs to cry with her best friend to make her feel better. Then the best friend may use her own "promiscuous" status to help you out.

What Distracted Me This Week While Writing: My best friend (yeah the same one who has been distracting me lately) left town yesterday, so that meant a little more last minute hanging out. Plus I started back at work this week and started preparing for my Master's program starting this week. I've also had to shake off the list bits of my cold (still not totally well, but I'm getting there).

Last 200 words:

Danni rolled her eyes at her roommate. "I said I know what we can do. Well really I know what I can do." Mackenzie's slightly more awake, but not less confused face stared back at her. "I know a hell of a lot of people on campus. I could easily ask around looking for a cute guy name Graham. As many boyfriends as I have gone through this semester, no one would bat much of an eye."

Mackenzie opened her mouth to automatically argue, but Danni was right. It was a small campus and Danni was known to enjoy sampling the different guys on campus. No one would really be surprised if a guy had caught her eye and she was looking around for him. She nodded her acceptance of the plan.

"Good. Glad you agreed, because while you were asleep I already started putting the word out that I was looking for him." Danni flashed Mackenzie such a bright grin, she could only muster a half-hearted glare before bursting into a fit of giggles.

She knew it wasn't Danni's problem, but she was glad to have such a good friend at her side during a time like this.

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